Open BIM aliaxis

Open BIM aliaxis
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"Open BIM aliaxis" is a free application for the BIM modelling of wastewater systems from the manufacturer "Aliaxis".

The program is integrated into the Open BIM workflow, which means that it is able to read the building geometry created by any geometric generator working with the IFC standard, and participate in an integrated way into the Open BIM workflow via the platform.



Open BIM aliaxis

Getting started

To start working with the program, the user must connect the "Open BIM aliaxis" job to an existing Open BIM project on the platform, or to a new project that will be created at the same time as the connection.

If the user connects to an existing project that includes an architectural model (generated by CAD/BIM programs like IFC Builder, Allplan, Archicad or Revit), "Open BIM aliaxis" will import that geometry. If the project also includes a BIM model with pipes (calculated by the CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems application), and water outlets (modelled by Open BIM Water Equipment), the user can import them in order to model the installation based on these elements.


Modelling of the wastewater system

In the upper toolbar, the user can select the pipes and pipe fittings and place and connect them to model the wastewater system. It is advisable to create elevation and section view plans to facilitate the modelling.

Users have at their availability a wide variety of models of each element with their corresponding specifications that define them, and can also choose from two product ranges: "dBlue" and "phonoblack". When introducing the horizontal pipes it allows the slope to be selected.

Once the modelling is complete, the connection errors between the elements can be checked.



"Open BIM aliaxis" provides the user with a report of the materials in the form of a materials list.


Open BIM workflow

As well as importing the architectural model previously mentioned, "Open BIM aliaxis" imports the information of the pipes calculated with CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems and of the water outlets modelled with Open BIM Water Equipment.

This data flow results in not only saving time in the data entry of each one of the project phases, but also means a decrease in the probability of making mistakes with regards to the architectural changes.


More information

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